Ideas + Technology = Return on Investment

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Services + Support = Client Satisfaction

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Efficiency + Dedication = Alchemy Software

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Welcome to CLOUD CAFE

"Simple way to manage your restaurant business."


Smart Informative Dash board for birds view
Easy, User-friendly interface
Meaningful Graphical Presentation
Self Customizable user control
Reporting for All (Top, mid & low level)
Followed Accounting & Audit standards
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In last 5 years Alchemy Software animated aspiration of serveral hundreds of organizations and till today continuing it's service. We belive good service and support is the one and only quality for improvement.


Save time, labor & cost, increase efficiency
Pay only for what you need
Access from anywhere, anytime, any device
Unlimited server space, user create facilities
No hidden cost other then monthly service fee
Affordable & flexible sales agreement
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About Us

Alchemy Software is a growing IT service provider of high-end business solutions to clients across the globe. Over the years, the company extended the range of its services in various industries. Alchemy Software devoted its full effort on customer satisfaction by providing standard software solutions.

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Ready Software Packages
ERP Software Development
Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
E-commerce Site Development
Website Development
SMS Integrated Application
Customized Software
API Integration
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Security & Surveillance System

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